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Pop-Up Books Issue [2] . . . . .
20*-30 Oct. 2022 | *opening
at: KO-OP, Yanko Sakazov bul.17
. . . with an exhibition of OPS Type, installation & book presentation by artist Uta Eisenreich and a tour by Henk Groenendijk on Undisclosed relations . . . . . . .

Test Press Books| 2| is an attempt to bring to Sofia independent publications in an effort to make them available as a support structure for reading and study.

Independent publications (books, magazines, papers, posters etc.) are publications in which the authors have complete creative freedom. This applies to the content, the form, the print run (edition) and often even the distribution. It is possible that one of these factors is represented by an outside source (a publisher) as long as the matter of independence by the author is guaranteed.
In this way it goes without saying that the author usually also takes the initiative for the publication

These publications are the result of an attitude in all aspects. Student publications are inherently independent by nature. It is therefore not surprising that the exhibition “Test Press 20 years of Student publications” (2020) originally formed the basis for this pop-up book event.

The idea behind compiling the selection of books for this second edition of Test Press Books lies in two aspects of independence.
Expression in design & art and thinking in theory & research.
To support these aspects we put focus in the exhibition on Type & language, starring the work of OPS Type, Gaile Pranckunaite and present an installation of Uta Eisenreich involving her book ‘AS IF’.
In the bookshop we present a selection of publications by the international publisher Valiz on art theory, educational subjects and city-culture and architectural planning.

A wide spectrum of publications will be available in small numbers to create insight in the scope of these independent publications that range from graphic design, fashion, photography, typography, illustrated storytelling and art to academic publication and student graduation projects. Most books are highly contemporary and contain an element of manifest- and critical research. All publications were selected especially for this occasion.

KO-OP | Coworking and Artspace | Yanko Sakazov bul. 17, Sofia

Test Press Books is made possible by the support of
Roma publications, Valiz, Spector Books, Idea Books, Public Rietveld and many independent author-publishers