Dutch photo book Design is fine | talk at SYNTHESIS

03 October (Monday) 17:00 – 21:00 hrs . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
Henk Groenendijk, initiator of Test Press Books[2] gives an informal talk at Synthesis gallery and will shows a selection of Dutch photo books at the exhibition space of Gallery Synthesis.

The Netherlands has a rich tradition of photographers. Early in the 20th century, photography was used by important artists such as the famous impressionist painter Hendrik Breitner and in the 1920s by modernist photographers such as designer Piet Zwart and Eva Besnyö, inspired by Bauhaus and Russian avant-gardism.
Influenced by photographers such as Robert Frank and William Klein, the Dutch, based in Paris in the fifties, realized their international breakthrough with high-profile photo books such as ‘Love on the Left bank (Ed van der Elsken) and Paris Mortel (Johan van der Keuken). These books caused a lot of commotion, especially because of their daring graphic design, an element in which the Netherlands has been leading internationally since the 1920s.

As part of the Test Press Books|2| Event, which after a successful edition last year will be organized again in the last week of October in KO-OP (20*-30.10.22), I have therefore decided to pay attention to this topic. In a small but intense collection of books brought from the Netherlands, the topic of photo book design mentioned above will be discussed. The publication ‘Paris Mortel Retouched from the internationally renowned publisher ‘Van Zoetendaal‘ provides insight into the process behind the creation of Johan van der Keuken’s famous photo book, but also present the high-quality production technique of contemporary photo book printing.

THE FOLD by Fleur van Dodewaard, ©2022

Of course, photo books of a new and much more contemporary generation of photographers will also be put in the spotlight with books, whereby the role of the designer, and the dialogue he enters into with the photographer, becomes clearly visible.
In addition, some theoretical publications will be presented, that provide insight into the backgrounds of photography and the design aspect, as well as its historical development.
But most and foremost all fantastic, ephemeral, energetic, inquisitive , voyeuristic or plainly high-level photography.
Don’t miss this special preview

Last but not least, we present ‘AS IF‘, one of the most daring photographic publications of 2022, the latest book by photographer/artist Uta Eisenreich and designed by Julia Born. During the Test Press Books|2| later this month, an installation will be presented that reflects on this books.
The artist herself will give a talk, during which the sources of the book will be revealed. A book signing will be part of this event

all books were part of Test Press Books| 2| / 2022