All Books Are Out . . !

Test Press Books #3 is on. Books are on the table from 12-22 Oct. Come visit, browse the collection, be surprised, don’t miss the opportunity

Uranus . . . This Book is an Exhibition.! .?

The book (Uranus) is an exhibition. The pages can be arranged in sequence on a wall, creating a site-specific installation of 340 individual images over 21 square meters. It was produced on the occasion of the exhibition Karel Martens: Re-Production at IS A GALLERY in Shanghai. Distributed in a limited edition, Martens invites participation in… Continue reading Uranus . . . This Book is an Exhibition.! .?

Karel Martens says; Every Day Is A New Day.! Calendar 2024

Dutch graphic designer and self-proclaimed supporter of amateurism Karel Martens (1939), has been an influential figure in the visual culture of the Netherlands for many decades. Alongside his commissioned projects, Martens has maintained a commitment to this personal and iterative way of printing, which shows how creative practice often spans perceived disciplinary boundaries. Karel Martens… Continue reading Karel Martens says; Every Day Is A New Day.! Calendar 2024

The Visual Code of Photography: Books by Ruth van Beek

Ruth van Beek (born 1977) is a Dutch photographer, an artist living in the small town ‘Zaandijk’ on the Zaan river close to Amsterdam. She studied at the Gerrit Rietveld Academy where she has been teaching now, for many years. Her work has been shown worldwide in various solo and group exhibition. Ruth says about… Continue reading The Visual Code of Photography: Books by Ruth van Beek

“The Oldest Thing”

In Ruth van Beek’s new book The Oldest Thing it is ordinary objects that take on a body and life of their own.In the artist’s hands, images of banal objects become moving matter, undergoing a process of deconstruction through which strange and ambiguous forms are uncovered and teased into focus. In the constellations of images… Continue reading “The Oldest Thing”

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“Moving Matters”

MOVING MATTERS . . . . . . . . . . . .

3 days Workshop! . . by Dutch artist Ruth van Beek
organized by KNOW-HOW SHOW-HOW . . . . . . .
taking place October 14 to 16 / from 10.00 – 16.00hrs at the Slopi Kopi printspace, as part of the ‘Test Press Books #3’ . . . . read more >

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Само когато някой те гледа, тогава се получава портрет

Only when someone is looking at you, then you have a portrait . . . | talk at Synthesis Gallery . . . . . . . . . . . . . 02 October (Monday) 17:00 – 21:00 2022 |
Henk Groenendijk initiator of Test Press Books #3 presented a small but richly varied selection of mainly Dutch portrait photo books at the space of Synthesis gallery. To tie in with the ongoing exhibition, some books and selected portrait photos will focus on animals too.

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some banners* for Test Press Books #3

Type design by Inna Kochkina in GRAPHO-Cyrillic & ‘JOOS’ text __________________________________________________ * banner for виж magazine

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Test Press Books is back in town . . ! #3

Participating in the small CREATIVE EUROPE DESK store. Popping-up in an alley yard with KO-OP & Slopi Kopi, ‘artist talking’ with visitors and participants, good music by TABA’s Dj. Check your media for the Test Press Books #3 events . . ! ___________________________________________________ Test Press Books #3 takes place at KO-OP, Sofia / 12*-22 Oct… Continue reading Test Press Books is back in town . . ! #3

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