Uranus . . . This Book is an Exhibition.! .?

The book Uranus is based on Martens study of the celestial bodies of Uranus..

The book (Uranus) is an exhibition. The pages can be arranged in sequence on a wall, creating a site-specific installation of 340 individual images over 21 square meters. It was produced on the occasion of the exhibition Karel Martens: Re-Production at IS A GALLERY in Shanghai.
Distributed in a limited edition, Martens invites participation in the transformation of the book as an object and the movement of the exhibition through time and space. You can use this book as your own statement.

Ideas of still photography and moving images like kinetic and interactive are a recurring aspect in his work. De film Not for Resale, shown as part of the exhibition, shows this aspect clearly through his method of editing still images.
Seoul Portraits an other booklet in the exhibition shows clearly the unity that forms and geometric compositions Martens work often displays. A selection of portraits from the digital guest book, collected during the exhibition Karel Martens: Still Moving at Seoul 2019/20 is selected in this booklet. Karel Martens devised a software that renders digital photographs in compositions made of geometric shapes and signs.

author: Karel Martens
design: Karel Martens & Aagje Martens
Published ©2021 Roma Publications
Softcover with tear-off pages, 668 pages, full color, est. 30 × 21 cm
Uranus book & site specific instalation are part of Test Press #3 at KO-OP, Sofia/12*-22 Oct 2023