RADICAL PLAY |poster show

Ongoing this week
12*-19.05.2022 | daily 2-8 pm at: Espace PORT A, Triaditsa 5 Sofia . . . . . .part of FIG.2 Festival and the European Art Night Sofia

With RADICAL PLAY |poster show we present a selection of radical posters –in concept and in print– from the collection of Henk Groenendijk [NL].
Snatched from the walls of the Amsterdam based Rietveld Academie and collected over the years they represent a dynamic and playful design attitude of student in the batchelors and master program.

Pop-Up Books at KO-OP

Test Press | Pop-Up Books 1 . . . 23*-28 Nov. 2021 |
at: KO-OP | Yanko Sakazov bul. 17, Sofia . . . . . . . . . .
Test Press Pop-Up Books is an exhibition & booksale of independent publications. Special attention will be given to publications of Experimental Jetset [NL] and the books of Snejanka Mihaylova [BG].
A wide spectrum of other publications will be available in small numbers to create insight in the scope of independent books. Most of them are highly contemporary and contain an element of manifest- and critical research.

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Photobooks at Synthesis

November 18th Test Press organized an informal talk at the exhibition space of Synthesis. Henk Groenendijk talked shortly about the selection of contemporary photo-books that he brought with him. Some unique books were on the table for viewing. All photo-books were ‘independent’ publications initiated by photographers or designers as authors in close cooperation.
Intrigued about the free and experimental nature of the books, a lot of questions focused on the obvious collaborative working method of presented photographers and designers. Answers pointed to education which played a crucial role in the establishment of that collaboration.
Henk also shed some light on books that he brought and donated to the library of Synthesis among which an original copy of the catalogue of the Famous exhibition ‘The Family of Man’

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Test Press • PUNKT

Oktober 14th was a rainy day when we arrived at PUNKT an independent design studio based in Plovdiv. The word was out about the upcoming Test Press Book Event and eager to find out what it was all about, they invited us to give a books preview presentation. Everybody gathered in their cozy studio situated… Continue reading Test Press • PUNKT

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