Test Press • PUNKT

Oktober 14th 2021, was a rainy day when we arrived at PUNKT an independent design studio based in Plovdiv. The word was out about the upcoming Test Press Book Event and eager to find out what it was all about, they invited us to give a books preview presentation. Everybody gathered in their cozy studio situated as a corner shop in the center.

At the core of the preview we presented the books of Experimental Jetset that we brought with us, talking about the fabulously edited design process that is shared in their pockets Notes on Experimental Jetset #1,3 and 2. The importance of taking an independent position in design and the relevance of generosity and cultural or political awareness as part of the working process.

Other books from the collection where shown too. Like Julie Peeters’s textless Bill magazine, Gaile Pranckunaite’s daring letterproof f-o-n-t-s.pdf or the amazing Rietveld basicyear student publication Embroided Type. JungMyung Lee’s Real Time Realist pockets illustrated clearly how an independent publication can become a mutual enterprise in which the designer-as-an-author can generate a dialogue with other designers, writers, artists, photographers, performers…. to arrive at unexpected new ways of experiencing and understanding the content.