Test Press Books Pop-Up at KO-OP

Pop-Up Book Event 1 . . . . . . .
23*-28 Nov. 2021 |
at: KO-OP, Yanko Sakazov bul.17
. . . . . . .with extra book talks by Snejanka Mihaylova on her “Theatre of Thoughts” and Henk Groenendijk about Experimental Jetset

This Event is a spin-off from the much debated exhibition ‘Test Press 20 years of Student Publications’, Sofia 2020.
Stimulated by the interest Henk Groenendijk decided to collect and bring to Sofia similar independent publications in an effort to make them, through this public event, available as a support structure for reading and study.

In this event a book sale will go together with a display exhibition of various printed matter, books and related objects presenting visual background to the presented books of this event. Attention will be given to the books of Snejanka Mihaylova [bg] and here substantive cooperation with designers concerning content as well as their design.

However, our special emphasis is on Experimental Jetset, a small Amsterdam based graphic design studio and the pocket books ‘Superstructures’ and ‘Full Scale – False Scale’. The exhibition’s display focuses on the many details testifying to Jetset’s design process. They clearly manifest how cultural engagement, political commitment and curiosity about contextual background play an important role in their work.

A wide spectrum of publications will be available in small numbers to create insight in the scope of these independent publications that range from graphic design, fashion, photography, typography, illustrated storytelling to academic publication and student graduation projects. Most books are highly contemporary and contain an element of manifest- and critical research. All publications were selected especially for this occasion.

Henk Groenendijk (initiator of Test Press) is a former professor of the Gerrit Rietveld Academy in Amsterdam where he was teaching graphic design for many years. During his career as teacher and independent graphic designer he established himself as a collector and curator of graphic design from the professional- as well as the academic field. Through various inspirational initiatives, he brings material from this collection to the attention of the public without losing sight of the educational aspect. The current event is a clear example of this.

KO-OP | Coworking and Artspace | Yanko Sakazov bul. 17, Sofia