Warehouse is an Amsterdam [NL] based fashion platform that aims to create an open, inclusive and engaging environment that facilitates critical dialogue and the creation of a discourse that goes beyond treating fashion as a commodity. It was founded by Elisa van Joolen, Femke de Vries and Hank van der Voet
In the last 2 years Warehouse initiated events and accumulated an impressive and diverse collection of publications that largely stem from artistic case studies, workshops and highly substantive critical work. Publications in which the refreshing en well written content is often enhanced by a like-minded graphic design, using on the spot reproduction means and small editions. All in favor of getting the word out and making it available as a means of dynamic communication with the fashion community and a newly created interested parties through their online platform

A Magazine Reader #05 and #06 : Re-reading one magazine by dissecting it, Analyzing the words, images, materiality, the items shown on the pages and the strategies of the specific magazine changes the way we read fashion

A Magazine Reader for instance, is an ongoing research trajectory and series of zines initiated by Femke de Vries and Hanka van der Voet which revolves around the analysis of a mainstream and high-end fashion magazine and its translation into an alternative new zine to provide insight into the cultural power and forms of value production that is at the core of fashion media. In it, the reader becomes an active actor in the construct of fashion.
Re-reading the magazine by dissecting it, analyzing the words, images, materiality, the items shown on the pages and the strategies of the specific magazine changes the way we read fashion.

Warehouse Wear Shoelace, an XL thick Press & Fold #2 | The Resistance Issue and from the Warehouse Review Series 002 | A Revieuws of Reviews, in specific, those of the Louis Vuitton fall 2020 womenswear collection.

Test Press Books presents a selection of publication created (or adopted) within Warehouse. Among them are Elisa van Joolen’s Portal workshop reports, the latest and other issue of Press & Fold Magazine by Hanka van der Voet (ed.), recent issues of A Magazine Reader and various other publications like A Review of Reviews. Lace your shoes with the coolest conversation piece Warehouse Wear shoelaces, featuring a retelling of the shoelace’s being. Check out the Warehouse site for updated publications and events

PORTAL 06 : is a research project that explores the economic, social and emotional value of clothing and offers a ‘way in’ to understanding garments from a multitude of overlapping and intersecting perspectives. Test-Press Books present issues of this project besides other recent publications of Elisa van Joolen.

publications of Warehouse are part of Test Press Books #3 at KO-OP, Sofia / 12*-22 Oct 2023