POOL 4, embarrassingly obsessive and manic

©2020 Nora Turato reading pool 4 at the printers

Turato channels the textual hysteria emitted from our smartphones to accentuate the volatility of language when taken out of context. Her work speaks to an age in which language is disconnected from its informative function and words are abstracted from meaning. All that surrounds her finds its way back into her work. In this manner she is democratic; political statements merge with Kardashians quotes in equal measure, revealing subtle synchronisms in social relations, marketing strategies, consumer behavior and their own subjectivity.

‘pool 4’ is the fourth in a series of books produced by Nora Turato in which she collects language from a range of sources. These “pools” of texts, pulled from the Internet, media headlines, advertisements, conversations, books, commercial products, and her own thoughts, are assembled and arranged, with no logic or narrative structure, into a growing script that Turato memorizes and performs, alternating rhythm and intonation, voices and modes.

‘pool 4’ was produced as part of a scheduled performance by Turato at the MoMA in New York but was postponed because of the covid-19 pandemic in spring 2020. Asked in an interview with Ana Janevski about her thought on how she felt when the world changed exactly at the moment she was ready to ship pool 4 and perform and the project was continuous postponed, Turato answered; I always thought of pools as some annual report, a hard copy of language we exchanged, something that will gain significance as time passes. . . . . . I mine for language, there is so much ­internal logic at play that the choice to pluck a ­sentence or not cannot be declared very rational, I guess. Even my own internal logic changes with time. I often look back at pool 1 (2017) and think some sentences sounded naïve. I was young.
Two years later Turato would perform in MoMA with a rewritten pool 5

©2020 Nora Turato, MoMA_Pool 4, photo drukkerij Rob Stolk

As the 500 copies of the pool editions are distributed very economically, Test Press Books|2| is exited to be able to present some copies.

design: Sabo Day (assisted by Claes Storm)
©2020 Nora Turato, self published
softcover, size mm, pages…., English
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